There are ups and downs in life and from time to time, some of us and on bad lucks and runs into cash flow troubles. It could be a complicated issue to borrow money from family members and buddies.

In Singapore, the money lending business is regulated and offer protection to consumers. We hope to be the platform that connects borrowers to licensedand ethical licensed money lenders in Singapore. For borrowers with bad credit ratings who are not able to borrow from conventional methods like banks, it is actuallypossible for you to obtain badcredit personal loans with the loan providers.

Licensed money lenders in Singapore offer personal loans to individuals and areregulated by the authorities. You are encouraged to discover more about your rights before making any loan agreements.

The interests rates for borrowing from moneylenders in Singapore are regulated andgenerally speaking , this type of bad credit loans commanda slightly higher interest rates (as opposeded to banks) because thehigher risk money lenders carry from bad credit loans. Money lenders offer shortterm financial relief to those in needs.